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  • Up to 80' Perimeter, 350 SF Surface Area, and up to 5' Deep

  • 10' Open Access

  • Structural Engineering

  • 20' Plumbing Run Skimmer to Equipment, Auto Fill, 4 Returns, VGB Compliant Main Drains

  • 50' Electric Run Panel to Equipment,  LED Light

  • 160 SF Pool Deck, Travertine or Pavers (includes coping)

  • 6" Group A Tile Choice of over 100 tiles

  • Microfusion Pebble Interior Finish

  • Startup with Initial Chemicals, Instruction, and Maintenance Kit

  • Pentair Rebel Vac Cleaner

  • Pentair Superflo V.S. Energy Efficient Pump

  • Pentair Clean & Clear 320 SF Cartridge Filter

Maintenance Kit

Available for limited time!

*Does not include Jurisdictional fees (permit and tax).

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